Why you should carry travel router/mobile hotspot while travelling in India

Travelling to a place you don't and worried about internet connectivity which is now a days must! Read why you should carry mobile hotspot/travel router with you while travelling in India.

Mobile’s battery drains quickly when in WiFi Auto Mode: If you kept your mobile WiFi on, then it continually searches WiFi signals. While travelling you might not get WiFi everywhere, means your smartphone would waste battery searching for WiFi which does not exist and you know it. Carrying mobile hotspot with you would best in such situation as WiFi will be always available and your smartphone won’t keep searching. During travelling to an unknown place having fully charged mobile will always help as you never know who you might need to call in an emergency.

Hotel WiFi is non-existent or too slow: Not all hotel’s in India offer WiFi and even if it says they have it while booking a room most of the cases it is either too slow or may not work when actually land in hotel. SO its always better to have your own mobile hotspot.

Internet keeps kids busy when you are driving : If you are travelling with kids in your car you would need to make sure kids are busy in wither sleeping or doing something. Otherwise they get irritated very early in a car as there is nothing to do in a car. So keeping them busy on by letting them watching their favourite cartoon is a good idea (Personal experience :)).

Your mobile telecom provider data speed might be too slow: You may not get enough signal strength during your travel so carrying a mobile hotpot which has SIM card of different telecom provider would act as your fallback option and at least you will get internet connectivity in such situation.

So in summary, it’s a good idea to carry a mobile hotspot while travelling, you can buy a best MiFi device to create mobile hotspots and use cost effective data plan to get net connectivity in your travel.

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