What is MiFi

In this age of internet everybody is aware of Wi Fi which lets you connect to internet without the need of wire and lets you roam anywhere in the range of WiFi and lets you access the internet. That was a awesome innovation but it’s limited to a home, office or your favorite café where WiFi is available. What is you have a device which lets you carry your Wifi anywhere, what would you call it the mobile WiFi? Well it’s called as MiFi. MiFi is wireless router that acts as a Mobile Wi Fi hotspot. Some people also calls it mobile hotspot device.

You can insert 3G/4G sim in a MiFi deice and it would create a mini wireless broadband cloud. You can then connect the wireless devices such as tablet, laptop, mobile to this mini WiFi, and access the internet anywhere.
There are limit on number of devices can connect to MiFi and generally its upto 10. However now a days there are advanced MiFi devices is coming up which would enable to increase this number significantly.

The speed of internet is directly dependent on the internet speed offered by your mobile operator of which sim you have inserted in MiFi device. The speed might go down of number of devices connected devices to MiFi increases.
One can arguably say then what’s the difference between MiFi and USB dongle, However if you see MiFi devices lets you share the internet with more than one devices whereas USB dongle can be used with only one device at a time.

Lot of mobile operator providers offers MiFi devices in India like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and Reliance Jio. With the introduction of high-speed 4G in India MiFi devices are slowly gaining popularity due to its portability, affordability and ease of use

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