Huawei E5330 mobile W-Fi router review

Huawei E5330 is one of the best generic MiFi router (Mobile WiFi Hotspot) which would work with SIM card of any mobile network provider in India. This compact 21 MBPS wifi router is small enough to fit in your palm and offers lightning fast internet at the speed of 21MBPS over 3G. The E5330 provides access for up to 10 different devices simultaneously, be it laptops, mobiles phones, and tablets.

Build : 9/10

Its built with good quality material which looks nice with all required indicative LED to indicate status of various functions like signal strength etc. Its small enough to fit in your palm and easy to carry.

Features: 8/10

It supports SIM card of any network provider so you are not locked into any specific vendor and supports up to 10 devices for connectivity.

Battery : 9/10

Its 1500 mAH battery lasts upto 5-6 hours which is sufficient for a normal internet usage when you are travelling or at a place where you do not have power source.

Warranty: 8/10

Warranty is available through authorized service centers.

Extra Features: 8/10

USB port and 4G support would have made the best device in this category however at this price range provided features looks ok.

Huawei E5330 Hotspot

Huawei E5330 Hotspot









          Extra Features



            • Not locked specific network provider
            • up 10 devices supported
            • All required features
            • Small design fits in palm
            • Nice indicative LED lights


            • USB port would have been nice
            • No 4G Support

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