Best WiFi Routers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Still connecting to internet via that messy wire across the home, Its time to go wireless by getting a new WiFi router. Everyone is aware of WiFi now days, and it’s free on lot of railway station in India (Thanks to Indian Railways!). However, at home connecting to internet via ADSL cable running around the home is messy and restricts the mobility of laptop inside home so having a WiFi in home is must these days as we have more than one devices now which needs internet connection like smartphone, tablets, smart TV’s, Laptops, eReader etc. But finding a best WiFi router with all required features is not an easy tasks as those highly complicated technical specification of routers will put you to sleep and we might end up buying a router which will not work with our ADSL internet connection. So this buying guide will help you to understand routers better and will help you find best routers available in India.

What is Router?

Router is a networking device that links laptop/computers to the internet. It forwards the data packets between computers and network. Router is used to connect the devices locally over local area network or LAN. Do not get confused with modem, router and modem are two different devices and some devices comes with both functionality and called as router cum modem.

What is Modem?

Modem stands for modulator-demodulator. It’s networking device which connects your router or computer to internet service providers network /broadband network.

Do I need modem or router or both?

It depends on type of internet line by your service provider. If its ADSL then yes you would need both ADSL Modem and router to share your internet connection with different devices in your home. Generally it’s provided by your service provider on rental basis or you can buy your own by consulting your provider on which modem would be bet for their network.

If its cable broadband, then you won’t need to purchase a cable modem separately. It will be installed by your cable internet t service provider on your terrace or common points from where a cable will be connected to your home, Which you can directly plug into your laptop/desktop and access internet or can plug it int your WiFi router to create a personal WiFI network at your home. However do check this with your cable internet service provider.

Should I buy ‘b’,’g’ or ‘n’ type of router?

These letters relates to wireless communication standards on which the router is based. ‘b’ stands for first generation of wireless routers and its old technology. ‘g’ & ‘n’ are newer with ‘n’ being newest. It’s always safe to buy ‘n’ type router which offers newest wireless standards, high speed and wider range.

Top 5 Best Selling Wireless Routers in India

1. D-Link Dir-600M Broadband Wireless Router

This is one of cheapest and best selling wireless router in India online. Its pure router and no modem, It works with major cable ISP’s. At this price range it provides all required basic router functionalities like 150Mbps speed, RJ45 cable port, WPA/WPA2 encryption, 1 WAN port and external antenna. If you are looking only basic router to create WiFi at your home and don’t want to spend lot of money. This is your best bet.

Pros and Cons:

  • RJ45 cable port to connect it to cable internet or wire coming out of modem
  • 150 Mbps speed.
  • WPA/WPA2 encryption to keep your network safe
  • 1 WAN port with 1 external antenna for descent range
  • 3 year warranty from D-Link.
  • Only router and no modem functionality.

2. TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router

This is one of the top product from TP-Link satisfying all basic WiFi needs of consumers with affordable price range. It has all required wireless features with two antennas for wide area coverage.

Pros and Cons:

  • RJ45 cable port to connect it to cable internet or modem
  • 300 Mbps speed good for HD streaming.
  • IP Based bandwidth control to allocate speed to different devices
  • 2 external antenna for wide range.
  • Wireless encryption and push button WPS setup.
  • Only router and no modem functionality. Works well with cable internet.

3. Tenda F3 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router

One of the top selling wireless router online in India. All required functionality to create WiFi. With three external antennas it provides wider coverage range. Easy setup makes it easier for no techie person to setup the home WiFi very easy with this router. Go for it.

Pros and Cons:

  • RJ45 cable port to connect it to cable internet or modem
  • 300 Mbps speed good streaming and regular browsing.
  • 3 external antenna provides wider range of WiFi up to 200 mtrs.
  • MAC address filtering you can restrict the devices internet access.
  • No modem only router, But it should be OK at this price range

4. D-Link DIR-816 AC750 Dual Band Router

Best-selling dual rounder with affordable price range from D-Link. It’s a pure router mean no modem and has dual band of 2.4GHz & 5GHz. Its easy setup and intuitive setup UI makes it one of the best easy to setup router available.With dual band you can dedicate one band for regular surfing and one band for streaming media making it less congested.

Pros and Cons:

  • Dual band offers great flexibility to dedicate bands as per purpose
  • Upto 750Mbps speed is sufficient for streaming and regular browsing.
  • 2 external antenna provides great range. Should cover 2/3 BHK houses.
  • Easy to setup with WPS functionality
  • No modem only router, But it should be OK at this price range

5. Asus RT AC51U Dual-Band AC750 Wireless Router

It is one of the best dual band router available in Indina market from a well known brand called Asus. It uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology offering 300MBPS speed on 2.4GHz band and 433MBPS on 5GHz band. It has USB port which can be used to create file server or you can attach 3G/4G dongle as backup internet connection adn configure accordingly.

Pros and Cons:

  • 802.11ac dual-band wireless at up to 733 Mbps for high-performance wireless
  • Provides wider WiFi range with two external antennas.
  • USB port for printer networking, storage sharing, or 3G/4G connections
  • Nothing at this price range however router cum modem would have been good

Points to keep in mind while buying wireless router.

  • Go for latest ‘n’ type wireless router as they are are the newest generation router with ‘b’ being oldest and ‘g’ is before ‘n’ type.
  • Dual band or single band? wireless routers comes in two frequency band 2.4GHz & 5 .0 GHz. Most of the devices like smartphone, laptops etc supports 2.5GHz and its more general frequency band so all basic router would support this band. However if you want to use network streaming then you might want to go for dual band so that you can use 2.4GHz for browsing and 5.0GHz for streaming etc.
  • Determine if you will be using USB port of router to attach external hard drive to create network storage etc. If yes USB port is must otherwise it optional. You can also use USB port to attach printer to it create network printer.
  • Check the coverage range of WiFi router, make sure it offers the coverage range which would cover your entire home.
  • Security features must checked, It should WPA/WPA2 and other encryption feature. you should be able to hide the SSID to. Determine what level of security features you will need and check it against router specification.

Other top selling wireless router in India for home WiFi.

Tenda N301
* Easy setup
*2 external antenna
*Push button WPS
*300mbps speed
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TP-Link TL-WR740N
*IP based bandwidth control
*Push QSS button
*150mbps speed
Check Current Priceon
Netgear WNR614
*300mbps WiFi speed
*All required basic security features.
*External antenna for wider range.
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D-Link DIR-615
*Super easy setup
*Easy security features setup
*300mbps speed
Check Current Priceon

Things to do to make your wireless WiFi network secure.

It’s absolutely necessary to make sure that your home WiFI network is secured so that no one can log in and use your network without knowing you. You never know for what purpose they will use your WiFi internet and you might be in trouble if your IP is traced. SO it’s better to do basic security settings to make sure it’s safe.

  • Never share you WiFi password with your neighbors or a person you cannot trust.
  • If possible hide the SSID so it does not show up on others peoples devices as available WiFi network lists.
  • Always change the SSID name to something unique to you. Default SSID reveal the brand and make of router and it’s easy for a hacker to hack in you WiFi if they know the brand of router so change the default SSID.
  • Some of the router’s will have hardware firewall. Make sure it’s switched on. Generally its disabled by default.
  • Enable wireless MAC filter, so that devices you own or your home devices can only connect. Though it’s a time consuming job to enter a MAC in wireless router when new device wants to connect but it’s good from safety point of view.
  • Monitor your network to find if any unknown device is connected to your WiFI network.