Best USB Pen Drives in India

Pen drives are the most misplaced item now days after (Pen ), no no! they are not the same. Pen is what we used to write, but since we know more write and now type, Pen drives are used to carry that types word document in pen drive. These little USB drives are essential part of our life, earlier we were using CD’s DVD’s to store and carry data but now since the invention of pen drives, they are now longer in main stream use and everyone uses USB Flash drives or pen drives. They are small, can carry GB’s of data and very affordable in terms of price. Learn more about pen drives and best pen drive to buy in India in our buying guide.

Best selling USB Pen drives in India?

SanDisk Cruzer Blade
*8-128 GB size
*Compact size offering maximum portability
*2 years limited warranty
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SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0
*Imported product from USA
*USB 3.0
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Sony Microvault
*Quality product from Sony
*Retractable USB connector
*Available in 8-32 GB sizes
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Points to consider before buying USB Pen Drives

  • Size : Always buy USB pen drives which have bigger storage size because price of 4GB vs price 8GB USB pen drive does not differ much in price and having bigger size will make sure you do not run out of storage space when needed.
  • Sturdy: Make sure drive you are buying have enough protecting layers, good external case as USB pen drives are prone to failure when dropped which is biggest cause of failure of pen drives.
  • Security : If your data is sensative and you need additional protection buy pen drives which offer encryption. They are little expensive though.